Editor’s Favorite Picks from NeoCon [Photo Gallery]

With all of the excitement and innovative design that surrounds NeoCon, it is hard to pick only a few images to represent the event and its vendors groundbreaking designs.  Among the stylish and trending designers at the 2013 NeoCon was Norix Commercial Furniture, showcasing their newest line of furniture for lobby seating. Specializing in designing for challenging environments, Norix […]

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The Best Kept Secrets of New York City’s Museums

Chances are that, if you’ve visited New York City and you call yourself even remotely cultured, you’ve touched down somewhere on Museum Mile. However, even the most exhaustive expedition through these hallowed vaulted-ceiling halls won’t yield all that New York has to offer in the way of sightseeing—in fact, some of its greatest attractions are […]

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NYC’s Top 5 Spots for Year-Round Outdoor Romance

With the last dregs of half-price candy fast vanishing from drugstore shelves, it’s time to kiss another Valentine’s Day goodbye. Though this year’s ankle-deep puddles of melted snow and oil-stained sludge rendered New York’s usual outdoor haunts less than romantic, the city boasts a more than ample share of outdoor treasures off the beaten Central […]

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How the SuperBowl Drove New York City Crazy(er)

Those who viewed the SuperBowl through a lens located outside New York City may not have found it overly exciting due to the lackluster and largely predictable game— however, anyone who experienced it firsthand knows just what a noxious cocktail of rampant tourism, exasperation, and delightful oddity it truly was. For those who watched from […]

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Dr. Robert Goulet Shares His Wisdom

Dr. Robert Goulet, Jr. is a general surgeon specializing in breast disease and breast surgical oncology. He has worked for Community Breast Care since 2011. Born in New York, Dr. Goulet received his degree and completed his residency at the SUNY Downstate  Medical Center. After relocating to Indiana in 1986, he proudly claims the state nickname for its residents: “Hoosier.” […]

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