Living Life on the Edge with Modscape

Only in the land down under. Recently, Australian architecture collective, Modscape brought an undoubtedly wealthy and courageous couples’ vision closer to life as they have designed a concept for what has to be the world’s first cliff-hanging home. Dubbed the ‘Cliff House’, this 5-story home acts as an extension of the surrounding cliffs themselves, and […]

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3D Printing: The Shape of Things to Come

For years, retailers have been using 3D printing (3DP) to create sculptures, jewelry, and smartphone covers for consumers on marketplaces like Shapeways. Now, consumers can make their own artifacts and personalized works of stereolithographic art with reasonably-priced printers like the Makerbot, now being sold at Home Depot stores. With 3DP, the garage hobbyist is rapidly […]

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8 Significant Athens Sites

For the traveler looking for rich history and breathtaking monuments and scenery, it doesn’t get much better than Athens, Greece. The city of Athens is known for its impact on art, philosophy, science and politics. Groundbreaking thinkers like Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato studied there. With such credentials, it can be overwhelming to visit. Below, we’ve compiled just a few […]

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Top Trends of NeoCon 2014

For those interior designers that missed NeoCon and for all others that are interested in having the privileged “insider scoop,” this article is for you. With over 1 million square feet of space to accommodate more than 700 showrooms and exhibitors for the perusal pleasure of over 40,000 architecture and design professionals, NeoCon is the largest trade show of […]

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Shine Light into the Darkest Room with Coelux

Feeling a little blue in gloomy weather? Does your office need a little more light? This is no ordinary skylight. After 10 years of perfecting his product, Professor Paolo Di Trapani, a physicist at Italy’s University of Insubria, has created artificial daylight in the form of a skylight. Coelux actually rebuilds the natural phenomenon of the […]

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A Time For Change And A Change In Thinking: Introducing DAASE

For the past few years, much of the conversation within the design community has been how to survive the economic downturn.  Designers, architects, contractors, showrooms, design centers, vendors and suppliers have all experienced this downturn in one way or another. In recent months however, conversations have been more positive. The reason? The economy appears to […]

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A Virtual Walk Through NeoCon [Video]

Publisher and producer Tony Frantz takes a tour through NeoCon: North America’s largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors. — Walking around NeoCon, you get the chance to experience what so many different companies from around the world have to offer. It might be furniture, or wall coverings, a chair, or artwork. It’s an entire environment, […]

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NYC High Line Park 3

A Touch of Color: NYC’s High Line Park

As technologies and cultures change and progress, some practices or activities become obsolete, leaving behind the physical or idealogical shells of their once-thriving presence. Nowhere is this more evident than in major U.S. cities. New York City, home to that icon of progress and technology Times Square, is not immune to this, and the challenge for such places […]

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Looking For a Grocery Store That Offers Quality And Delicious Food?

Trader Joe’s has all the quality food you are looking for! Trader Joe’s started in the 50s in California and the store has since expanded all over the country. The “Trader Joe’s” brand started with one innovated idea on hard to find and also great tasting food. It’s not just a great value, but so much more! Great food + great prices = Trader Joe’s!

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Rochester New York Subway Graffiti Street Art

The Future of Rochester is Written on the Subway Walls

Many cities boast a thriving “underground” art scene, but Rochester, N.Y.’s is more literal than most. Through the abandoned tunnels of the city’s defunct subway system, street artists have created a broad range of massive works, from a six-foot mural of a vintage Pepsi cap to more traditional handstyles. “Graffiti is sort of blowing up […]

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